E-Commerce Restrictions under Scrutiny – Recent Developments

The EU Commission’s Digital Single Market Strategy


Today the EU is the largest e-commerce market in the world with Germany convincingly leading. 62% of Germany’s retailers are selling via electronic marketplaces while the average in other EU Member States remains under 30%. Weiterlesen

State Aid to Football Clubs: Game Over

Professional football is a business worth billions of euros. Football clubs earn money by selling TV broadcasting rights and tickets as well as through marketing, merchandising, sponsorship, transfer of players, etc. For years the linkage between public authorities and professional sports has been very strong, often including financial advantages in the form of State aid. As professional football clubs derive their revenues and participate in acquiring football players throughout the EU, State aid is liable to affect intra-EU trade. However, until 2013, it seemed that the European Commission was unwilling to apply the EU State aid rules not only to professional football, but to sports in general. This changed abruptly in July 2016 when the Commission concluded numerous in-depth investigations regarding unlawful State aid to professional football clubs in Spain and the Netherlands.